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Summary: Facts that make Avila Beach Hotel in Curacao a good place to stay.

Looking for a city hotel that has a beach Curacao is so famous for? Then Avila Beach Hotel Curacao is definitely your kind of place.

Built sometime in the 18th century, where it used to serve as mansion for the governors, Avila Beach Hotel Curacao has preserved its historic structure and is a good place to experience real Curacao culture.

Being the oldest Curacao hotel, this famous place has been very significant in Curacao's history. Aside from serving as the governors' mansion, it was used in the past as a boys' boarding school, a private place of residence, and even as a private hospital.

Throughout the years, the Avila Beach Hotel Curacao has undergone extensive renovations. Two beautiful wings were added on each side of the original structure. The first addition, La Belle Alliance houses the deluxe and suite rooms. All rooms have balconies that provide magnificent ocean views have a modern yet ancient appeal. The newest addition is the west wing called Blues Wing. The wooden-structure idea was conceptualized by Dan C. Duckham, an architect from Florida. Housing 20 premium deluxe rooms in its 2-storey-high structure, this wing offers guests an impressive view of the Blues pier with breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

Dining in the Avila Beach Hotel Curacao won't be a problem. The Belle Terrace offers you superb local and international menu under starry skies and gentle breeze. Offering real Curacao food and live entertainment, Belle Terrace is a must on Wednesday's with its 'Antillean Night'. 'Grill Night' on Saturday evenings is also a good choice. With its huge salad bar and Mexican music, one is sure to have the best dining experience.

The best place for jazz enthusiasts, Blues is a good place to spend your late afternoon cocktails at. Live jazz music highlights the place making it an exciting place to dine.

Serving delicious snacks all day, Avila Café' is a favorite hangout. This nice patio restaurant offers a wide selection of pastry favorites and plenty of beverage choices.

A good and relaxing way to spend your day would be at Schooner Bar. A wooden boat uniquely set halfway buried in the sands, this nice spot is famous for its serene ambiance.

Staying in a hotel may just be to spend the night at for some tourists. But it really doesn't have to be. In Avila Beach Hotel Curacao, one can find more than just good accommodation and service. It will give you a glimpse of real Curacao history and a taste of its rich culture.

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