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Summary: Going around the island like a pro.

Did Curacao look different up close and personal? Did you envision it to be totally something else from all the stuff you have been reading about it? Do the places seem more complicated to drive to than from how you see it by your intense study of the Curacao Island map?

Unless you're a local, I wouldn't say you're strange. Curacao may look and feel slightly different from what you have read on your research. After all, you would finally be seeing how understated the beaches were and how unspoiled nature really can be.

If you don't feel confident driving around yourself, be comforted with the presence of a Curacao Island map. And as a helpful tip, NEVER pay for a map while in Curacao. They are given free-of-charge. Some establishments though, like hotels, will charge you for one. The centuries-old Werbata Maps are available in the bookstores and are suited to those seeking adventure. This type of map is Curacao Island's first topographical map, and will likely lead to some unspoiled parts of Curacao.

A lot of websites should be helpful. Curacao Island map as well as detailed maps of major places in Curacao like Willemstad, Otrabanda & Punda, and a separate Punda map can be found at . The maps on this particular site are so comprehensive and will no doubt let you get around the island pretty well. A laptop would have been the best tool to access sites like this especially while you're driving. Visiting Google Earth is highly recommended because it will provide you driving directions. Driving tips, signs and directions can also be found at . So if at one point you find yourself somewhat unsure which road to take, a few clicks will give you the right answer. But if laptop is not an option, internet cafés are available in Curacao as well. Handled by a GSM network, you can actually go online in a café and let them print out all these in-depth maps as well as the Curacao Island map.

Traveling in a foreign place like Curacao can be stressful. What's with the hassles of trying to speak their language or letting them understand yours, getting around the island shouldn't add more trouble. A Curacao Island map along with thorough maps of Willemstad and other popular places will definitely make your visit to the island as interesting as you would want it to be.

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