excursions in curacao

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Excursions in Curacao

Curacao doesn't just offer world class diving and snorkeling locations, it also has great excursions to offer. Excursions in Curacao are a wonderful experience. There are lots of adventures to be take advantage of. Ranging from watersports to visiting 17th century structures; from playing tennis to a high class casino, there are lots of excursions in Curacao fits on everyone's desires.

These are the top excursions in Curacao. Take your pick and enjoy:
* Christoffel Park - the first and biggest park of Carmabi. It has lots of domestic flora and fauna. Located on Mt. Christoffel, the tallest peak of Curacao.
* Fortresses - these panoramic fortresses that surrounds the harbor were built in the 17th and 18th century to ward of pirates, English and French navies. At present most of these structures have been converted into restaurants and cocktail terraces.
* Floating Market - schooners from Venezuela gather on the docks of downtown Willemstad to set up market. Fresh fish, spices and fruit are the main showcase in this particular market. A very nice place for taking pictures to remember the island.
* Curacao Liqueur Distillery - an old plantation house that is open for tours and tasting.
* Underwater Park - this government protected national park is a popular dive site for divers. You can ride the semi submersible submarine if you want to have a drier view of the beautiful underwater marine life of the site.
* Baya Beach Club - this resort has a naturally designed park that can be explored by feet, bike or car. Has offers several ways of enjoying the beauty of Caracas Bay Island.
* Curaloe Ecocity (Aloe Plantage) - located in Santa Catalina, this Aloe Vera plantation has gift shops.
* Den Dunki National Park - this park was once a slave camp in the 17th century by the Dutch slave traders. Was later rebuilt as a recreational swan park by the Gorsira Family. This park has lots of ornamental water fountains, a large well and an impressive entrance bridge.
* Hato Caves - formed below sea level million years ago, the Hato cave has an area of 4900mē. Spectacular limestone formations, waterfalls, romantic pools and the famed Madonna statue can be found inside. This is one of the most frequented excursions in Curacao.
* Ostrich and Game Farm - considered one of the biggest farms outside Africa. You can get a tour around the farm and get up close and personal with the ostriches. This farm is located in Sta. Cathalina.

If you are tired of diving and snorkeling, taking there are lots of excursions in Curacao that surely is a different experience.
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