Different Ways to Decorate Your Patio

Different Ways to Decorate Your Patio

Aside from furnishings, there are many themes that you can decorate your patio with, from Asian to Art Deco. Deciding is half the fun. And the best part of decorating your patio is that you do not have to be stuck with one décor. You are always free to decorate and redecorate according to mood, taste, and even season.

Asian-Inspired Décor

What fun it is to be able to decorate your patio with furnishings and décor from other countries. Asian-inspired décor is perfect for your patio as it appeals to nature both indoors and outdoors. You can use many materials and design ideas to create Asian-inspired décor in your patio.

* Wood, stone, bamboo, concrete, and even glass are perfect elements to create a backdrop of floors and walls for your Asian-inspired décor.

* Water is a classic element of Asian inspired décor. A waterfall, birdbath, or pond running through your patio will incorporate the décor perfectly.

* Plants in the form of potted bamboo are perfect Asian accents to your patio décor.

* Accessories are important for Asian-inspired décor. Pottery, lanterns, pillows with fringe are all great accent pieces for your patio décor.

Italian-Inspired Décor

There is nothing more romantic and exquisite than Italian-inspired décor for your patio. Decorating your patio in this way is a great way to lose yourself in the moment and in the mood.

* Brick, stone, and tile are famous components of Italian-inspired décor. Using these as a backdrop for floors and walls on your patio and incorporating them into fire pits and cooking areas is a perfect way to combine the Italian love of food and stone into your patio.

* Brass accessories, different types and colors of espresso pots and cups hung up as décor, potted plants, wicker furniture, deep burgundies and rich purples mixed with gold are all complementary of Italian décor. Pictures of angelic cherubs on the back wall of your patio and you are transported to Italy.

* Arches, a vine-covered trellis, and flowering vines up the posts to your patio with a small waterfall and you will almost feel as though you are in Tuscany.

* Of course, any décor with grapes, wine bottles, and vines is the topper.

Spanish-Inspired Décor

Spanish-inspired décor will keep you and your patio guests entertained and full of vitality and energy during your time out on the patio.

* Bright and vibrant yellows, blues, and aqua along with mosaic tiles will keep you in the festive Spanish-inspired mode.

* Arches, moss, small fountains, and Aztec prints are all perfect to tie in your Spanish-inspired décor.

* Copper pots, sleek lines, stucco, and cement are all perfect for the backdrop of your décor.

These are just a few of the many different ways you can decorate your patio for an international feel.

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