Dressing Right for Tennis

Dressing Right for Tennis

For anyone who is taking tennis training seriously should also give serious consideration to what to wear. Dressing for comfort is the primary concern of every tennis player. But for those who are more fashion-conscious, there are many stylish way of dressing right for the came, a style that is comfortable but does not take fashion for granted.

When choosing your outfit, there are plenty to consider. The heat and humidity in your play area could make you sweat profusely and look ragged in a few minutes. The very ground you will play on will also have an effect on your comfort.
For you tennis players out there, here are some tips you should have in mind when dressing to play tennis.

If your prefer comfort and style, choose a light colored fabric for your tennis outfit. Light colors reflect light, making you absorb heat less. This is why traditionally, tennis players wore all-white outfits. Up to the present, white is still the dominant color in most tennis outfits. However, designs have evolved into sexier, more comfortable and trendier designs.

The club of Wimbledon requires players to wear all-white. However, the pros have always gotten away with wearing whatever color and design they want. There is a lot of designs to choose from that would surely fit your taste.

If you are the go-getter type, you could go for the neon-colored fabrics that are the trendy colors for sports these days. You wanna get that ball past your opponent? Wear something neon to momentarily distract him or her.

Go lightweight. The material of your tennis wear should have enough natural materials that would allow your clothes to breathe and prevent heat accumulation in your body. It should, likewise, have enough synthetic material that would prevent your clothes to wrinkle.

Short pants or short skirts are mandatory because pants just won't be right, they will just weigh you down. Skirts with built-in shorts are preferable as they provide enough comfort and the trendy fashion.

Choose the perfect tennis shoes to go with your outfit. It is just not the color or the style that counts, the design is what should be taken seriously. This is the most important tennis wear a player should invest in. The worst that could happen to a player is to lose a game because of painful feet.

When choosing shoes, purchase from the best manufacturer that ensures the best quality materials. Chances are, the more expensive the shoes, the better the quality.
Tennis shoes should be lightweight, durable and gives good support with a snug fit. Tennis shoes should be able to give the support needed for side-to-side movements done during playing tennis. The rubber soles are just as important. They should be able to get a firm grip on the ground for those tennis maneuvers.

If you are indeed into serious tennis, do invest. Dressing right could be the key to doing those winning moves. Don't forget that comfort is foremost in decision-making. Style is an add-on but your safety and comfort should be number one in your list.

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