How to play darts

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How to Play Darts

Are to you an avid darter? A first-timer? Well, whether you have or haven't played darts before, there are some important things that you must learn about the game of darts. Just like the other sports, darts has its own rules and set of standards. So, if you want to know how to play darts correctly, then there is no reason for you to ignore the following details.

Dartboard Layout

If you are not familiar with darts, you must first learn the layout of the dartboard, for it is a major requirement in the game. Well, the dartboard is usually set up with the bulls eye exactly 5 feet 8 inches from the floor. It also measures 18 inches in diameter and is divided into 20 sections. The portion marked 20 is always centered at the top. In addition, the dartboard is basically divided into segments: the single, double, triple, and the bulls eye. The first three segments are generally the highlighted segments and they only differ according to the valued points, while the bulls eye is the main target in the darts game for this values higher points of about 50.

The Basic Steps

Now, how to play darts? First, you must hang the dartboard so that the center is 5 feet 8 inches from the floor. Then, before you can play darts, you must first mark the throwing line, commonly known as oche, perhaps with the nonskid tape. Note that to properly play darts, the line should be 7 feet, 9 inches from the face of the board. This rule is actually covered under the World Darts Federation.

Thirdly, to play darts make sure that the tape mark lies so that the front edge is the actual line. To put it simply, the darter may step on the tape, but not past it. Also, it is necessary to consider that to play darts correctly, the darters must have three darts on his turn. To identify who will take the first turn, each player in the team must throw a dart. The team with the dart closest to the bulls eye gets the first turn.

Before the first player to play darts takes his turn, a warm up is usually suggested. This is commonly done by alternating throws until every person has thrown nine darts. Then, once the game starts, each player must take his or her turn by throwing the three darts. Be sure to add up the score, and note that each portion of the board has a number, and that number is the dart's score. Furthermore, when you play darts, you try to count a dart that misses the board completely as a throw for the score for that dart is absolutely zero. After your turn, don't forget to remove your darts and let the other darter to play darts during his turn. Finally, as you play darts, don't forget to alternate until the game is over.

Today, there are a number of dart games and they all vary depending on the standards. The most simple of them allows players to throw five sets, and whoever has the highest score wins.

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