Lawn darts for sale

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Lawn Darts for Sale

Lawn Darts are in the first place banned from sale in the United States since 1988 due to certain reasons. Many people have stated that lawn darts is one of the major roots of injury and death cases. One of the recently reported injury caused by lawn darts occurred in 1997 when a year old boy suffered a serious brain injury after a lawn dart pierced his skull. There was also another case in which a seven-year old girl was impaled in the head by an errant toss.

However, although the banning of the lawn darts is highly maintained by the authority, there are still many people out there who offered lawn darts for sale. Most of the countries except the United States continually advertised lawn darts for sale and these items are usually sold in sets that composed of four large darts and two targets. These lawn darts for sale are also offered in packages with other sports equipments. Today, the Internet becomes one of the favorite sources for lawn darts for sale with lots of online stores out there advertising their lawn darts for sale offers.

Now, if you are one of those who still love throwing lawn darts after hearing several injury and death cases, I have here a short list of the notable stores online for you to visit. Just note that certain precautions are very necessary for playing lawn darts, and this is not recommended for small children. is by far one of the notable online stores that currently feature lawn darts for sale. This site actually seems like an online directory as it features listings of lawn darts for sale. Included in the list are the Franklin lawn darts which are noted for being non-sliders. The Eagle Deluxe lawn darts, regent darts, vintage set of regent lawn darts, Kent lawn darts, and King Sports lawn darts are also offered for sale. And, as maintained, all of these lawn darts for sale are in condition and perfect for a great play. is where you will find the Leaps and Bounds that offer lawn darts for sale intended for children ages from 3 above. Well, these lawn darts for sale are actually safe for kids as they do not have pointed tips. They are blimp-shaped darts that made of super soft foam. With these lawn darts for sale, the kids can create as big or small a target as they like for also given are small and big rings. The small rings open up so the kids can link them to together to form a much bigger ring. Also, included in these set of lawn darts for sale are three darts and four rings in assorted colors.

I am sure many of you are familiar with as this site is one of the most popular online stores. Well, here you can find a selection of lawn darts that are fun and legal. Two particular examples of lawn darts for sale are the Nerf lawn darts and the New Rocket Toss Yard lawn darts. These items are now offered in sets and are noted for being in good condition. And, perhaps what's nice to know about these lawn darts for sale is the fact that they are offered at affordable prices.

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