Dominican Republic Beaches

Dominican Republic Beaches

The Dominican Republic spells B-E-A-C-H-E-S. Ask any beach bum and he would know why. Dominican Republic beaches are some of the world's best. This Caribbean island has several miles of white sand beaches, clear ocean waters, and amazing rows of palm trees dotting the shoreline.

Even if the major resort area is fairly deserted, it does not mean that the Dominican Republic beaches are not worth visiting. Actually, tourism has always been focused on other Caribbean islands which accounts for the absence of crowds on most of the Dominican Republic beaches. Furthermore, there are strict laws that are monitoring activities like building infrastructure on the beachfront, to preserve their natural charm and beauty.

The Dominican Republic beaches total more than 1,288 kilometers. These equally-magnificent beaches are actually diverse and offer different water-related activities as well. It would take more than a single trip to visit all the breathtaking Dominican Republic beaches.

The resorts and hotels on the island offer several activities to its guests. Most of these activities are water-based sports like parasailing, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat rides, and a whole lot more. The northern part of the island boasts of a steady wind, making it an ideal spot for windsurfing and kite boarding. The east coast is where the best resorts of the island are. Aside from being the home of the most beautiful Dominican Republic beaches, it also has great night entertainment for its guests.

While the beaches are the island's prime treasures, it does not mean that they are the only places that one can find excitement. There are some guests though who'd rather stay on the beach under the shade of a coconut palm to have a better view of what paradise is really like. But some tourists go off on island cruises or short boat rides. A good place to visit away from the Dominican Republic beaches is the Dolphin Island. This is actually man-made, but is a popular attraction, nonetheless. This place allows guests to swim in the company of trained dolphins in their natural habitat.

There are tours or excursions that take you to the different Dominican Republic beaches. More often, guests find out that while the beaches are somewhat diverse, each one still exudes the same charm and a promise of a great beach experience ahead.

The Dominican Republic beaches are home to world-class water sports. People flock to this Caribbean island to be better at diving or to learn kite boarding. Others simply want to spend the day sipping tropical punch under the palm trees. Tourists travel to the Dominican Republic beaches for a variety of reasons, but those who came back simply cannot get enough of the ultimate beach experience.

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