Dominican Republic Cigars

Dominican Republic Cigars

The Dominican Republic's tropical climate and perfect political and economic atmosphere have shifted the country past Cuba as the leading producers of the finest hand-made cigars in the world. A lot of the world's most well-known labels are rolled here, putting the small Caribbean on the globe.

Dominican Republic cigars are created with a delicate process that takes a lot of great patience and labor. There are three important parts of the cigar; the wrapper, the binder, and the filler.

The wrapper is the most distinguished part of the cigar and so it is usually responsible for the aroma and appearance of cigars. It is also the most delicate part of the cigar and is treated with the utmost care in the process of making Dominican Republic cigars. The wrapper however, is grown separately and has not usually been grown in the Dominican Republic but a number of companies have now started to produce Dominican wrapper, although the process to produce can take up to three years. Much of the scarcity in premium cigars including Dominican Republic cigars is because of the shortage of first-class wrappers.

The binder is the leaf the attaches the inside of a cigar together, it comes from the top part of the tobacco plant which is sturdy and oily because of the extra exposure it has to the sun. The filler is usually made up of three types of leaves that generally come from the mid-part or the bottom of the plant because they are lighter and burn well. The blending of the filler adds to the distinctive flavors of different cigars.

The process of rolling Dominican Republic cigars is a difficult process and good rollers often have very long training before they will roll a cigar on their own. Good cigar rollers average a hundred cigars per day.

The quality and assortment of Dominican Republic cigars has improved extremely in the past twenty years. The main growing region of these fine Dominican Republic cigars is near the city of Santiago in the northern half of the country. Situated in an agricultural section, the small city of Santiago is also home to the bulk of the manufacturers of Dominican Republic cigars. Nearly all Dominican tobacco is taken from Cuban seed varieties, although not strong, it is still rather full flavored and provides itself to the creation of extraordinary intricate blends.

Recently, arguments among fanatics of Dominican Cigars versus Cuban Cigars have been heard and some feel that because of over farming in Cuba, Cuban cigars have lost its edge over the rest of the world. In fact, Cuban cigar companies such as Davidoff, one of the top brands in the world, already have operations in the Dominican Republic.
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