Dominican Republic Citizenship

Dominican Republic Citizenship

Although the Dominican Republic does not have an official economic Dominican Republic citizenship program, it does have a very low-cost and simple process of both residency and citizenship. The cost involved and the waiting period for the passport compared to other countries, is perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to having a very legal and official second passport.

The Dominican Republic in the past, has taken a somewhat tolerant position towards tourists that overstayed their tourist visa. There are a lot of Americans and Canadians who have lived in the Dominican Republic without official citizenship or residency for several years. Under present guidelines, a tourist caught overstaying by one day or ten years has a very lenient fine. The reason is or was that tourists' spending money and are not taking away employment from a Dominican can live and let live.

Although this sounds like an argument to Dominican Republic citizenship, it is not. However, the Dominican government has cracked down on foreigners who have created small tourist businesses without residency, and many have been deported leaving a flourishing business behind. Take note that, a tourist visa provides you the right to be a tourist but does not present you the right to work or own a business.

The whole Dominican Republic citizenship or residency process is easy, economical, and a must if one wants to establish business or work. The government also allows dual citizenship so one does not need to renounce the present passport in the process. Here are some requirements on how to apply for legitimate Dominican Republic citizenship or residency plus a final second passport:

It is advisable for clients to obtain three certified or official copies of their birth certificate before their arrival in Santo Domingo. Three copies will not all be used but it is a good idea. This may cost from $5 to $15 per official copy, depending on where one lives or their local government office or health department.
It is highly recommended that one obtains a letter of good conduct from their local police department. It is an excellent idea to have a document indicating up-front that he or she does not have a criminal record in their home country, it helps with credibility. Even a 'to whom it may concern' letter affirming the lack of a criminal record is adequate.
Applicants will also be necessitated to take a general physical, chest x-ray and aids test which is fast and reasonably priced.
After the completion of all paperwork and approval, the client will receive a temporary residence card and a Cedula Card. This process can take about sixty to ninety days, and the card is generally valid for one year, and regardless of the expiration the temporary Dominican Republic citizenship or residency card will have the right to work and live in the Dominican Republic, including the right to leave or re-enter the country with the temporary residence document without needing a tourist cart or visa to re-enter.
After the first temporary residency card expires, one needs to renew and apply for a Permanent Residency. The next permanent residency card is applicable for two years and the next Cedula Card for six years. Upon the completion of this second year period, one can apply for and obtain a naturalized Dominican Republic citizenship.

There is no requirement to apply for Dominican Republic citizenship, which means that anyone with just a permanent residency status may stay in the country if he wishes.

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