Is Easter too Commercialized

Is Easter Becoming too Commercialized

Christmas is already commercialized. The stores have started decorating in October now and have 'Christmas in July' sales. Easter, it seems, is starting to follow suit. The stores start placing displays right after Valentine's Day in February.
Easter should be recognized as a Holy Day and the resurrection should be celebrated.
Instead, we have stores open selling all kinds of items. It turns out we need a lot of different things to celebrate Easter. We need a new fancy outfit complete with a bonnet for the ladies. As for candy, we can munch on chocolate rabbits, jellybeans of all flavors, and eggs with crème, caramel, and our favorite candy bar flavor.
They even have ready made Easter eggs for hanging on a tree. Some of these eggs can be quite expensive, but most are quite affordable. They can make a wonderful addition to your Easter decorations.
Looking through the advertisements in the Sunday paper, stores have plenty of sales going on to coax customers into the store. Dresses and suits, Easter baskets, candy, electronics, DVD's, furniture, and even big screen televisions are all on sale. The highest priced basket was thirty dollars, but inside was a DVD, popcorn, candy, and a gift card. There was not one egg in sight in the whole basket. What happened to the simple basket of yesterday? The basket that had a chocolate bunny, some eggs, jellybeans, and maybe a stuffed rabbit and some of that green grass. Simplicity is often the best solution, but these days the baskets keep getting more expensive with each passing year.
While all of these things are nice to have to celebrate Easter, everyone should also take time to remember what the holiday is really about. They should remember What it signifies and Who it represents.
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