Eastern Orthodox Church

Eastern Orthodox Church
The Eastern Orthodox Church is a Christian church. Their type of Christianity is also called Eastern Orthodoxy'". Their members are called Eastern Orthodox, although there is another group of Churches called Oriental Orthodox that is not Eastern Orthodox. There are about 250 million Eastern Orthodox in the world. Most Eastern Orthodox are found in Russia, Greece, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, but there are Eastern Orthodox everywhere in the world.
Church today.
The many churches of the Orthodox Church are distinct in terms of administration and local culture, but for the most part exist in full communion with one another, with exceptions such as lack of relations between the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) and the Moscow Patriarchate (the Orthodox Church of Russia) dating from the 1920s and due to the subjection of the latter to the hostile Soviet regime. However, attempts at reconciliation are being made between the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate with the ultimate purpose of reunification.
Eastern Orthodox churches in communion.
Nowadays, there are 14 (15 by some) independent orthodox churches, in communion with each other, with the precise order of seniority of their heads as listed below. Some of them contain autonomous (marked below) and/or semi-autonomous dioceses (listed within the mother churches). The first 9 of the autocephalous churches are led by patriarchs.

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