Are These Internet Marketing Ebooks Hogwash

Are These Internet Marketing Ebooks Hogwash?

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Do not buy yet another Internet Marketing junk until you read this.

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Internet Marketing as we all know it is pretty crowded with funny people making lots of huge bombastic claims over their nonsense crappy books and stuff. You might have come across ebooks making claims like "how to make $XXX in 2 weeks" or "anyone can earn money at home".

Being guilty of myself, I have literally spent gazillion amount of money into these internet marketing ebooks when I started out but only to find it later at those free-for-all ebooks directories, free membership sites or even those giveaway sites. Though it's a sad experience to see youself spending money into something which could be downloaded somewhere over the Internet for free, there are still some good ebooks and materials which you should buy. Here are some of the guidelines which you should know of before you start your spending spree.

Don't Spend Money On Junk
Don't spend your money on something that tells you that with no experience you can make a lot of money. Typically this stuff is nothing more than trying to sell you pie in the sky. You can always learn and equipped yourself with knowledge from other free ebooks, newsletters or forums before spending your money on these ebooks.

Only Buy From The Experts Who Are Successful Themselves
The most advertised ebooks are not always the best. Good stuff will naturally come to you either by way of constant good reviews from other Internet Marketers, word of mouth, buzz from forums or discussion boards and even testimonials from the actual people who use them. Thus, you should always buy from the recognized experts who have had tons of experience under their belt and also reputable results to back up their claims.

Buy Only On What You Actually Need.
It's no point to spend your hard earned money on whatever ebooks or internet marketing materials which you come across, however good the claims are on the sales copy. Remember, good sales copy is supposed to play around the prospects' psychology behaviors into believing their actual claims. That's why professional copywriters charge tens of thousands for great sales copy because they do bring in lots of sales just by selling hype. You should only spend money on ebooks which could help you move on in your business. For example, if you feel that you are lack in copywriting skills, then you ought to buy copywriting materials from the professionals.

Taking Action Is The Best Action You Can Make.
Let's face it, how many of us who could spend a bomb in our internet marketing materials but only to find it lying around in our computer hard disk for ages? The fact is, no matter how good or how expensive or even how reputable the ebooks that you've bought, it doesn't matter until you make the first step into implementing the materials which you learn from the ebooks. If you are new to Internet Marketing, then you should only buy ebooks that will teach you step by step in setting up your Internet Marketing business. Otherwise, stay away from them.

Hardcopy VS Intangible Books
There had been discussions going on which debate just how good are those Internet Marketing books found on the bookstores compared to those on the Internet. While I couldn't agree more on some of the great Internet Marketing books you can find on the bookshelves, but in reality, most of the books I found cover only general concepts of the Internet Marketing. For example, in the business or internet marketing section of the bookstore, you might find stuff like "how to make money online" if you are looking for a book on internet marketing, but you can find a more specific ebook on the internet on "How to Get Successful Reciprocal Linking" or something like that. Both of these are related to Internet Marketing, but the latter tends to be more specific in their scope. Like what I've mentioned in the previous point, you should know what you are lack of and buy ebooks that will help you move forward in your business. If you are just starting out, internet marketing books in the bookstore will serve just as good as the newbie ebooks online.

As a conclusion, make sure you know who you can trust online before buying from them. There are lots of these self-proclaim internet Marketing Gurus who are just like the average Joe struggling to make money online. Remember, there are bunch of those great forums and discussion boards which not only you could find great pieces of information, but also the chance to pose questions as well.

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