Engineering is the use of science and mathematics to design or make things. Engineers usually design or build things that are sold or given to people. There are different types of engineers that design everything from computers and buildings to watches and websites. People who do engineering are called engineers. They learn engineering by studying at a university or technical school.
Most Engineers are very clever. They are also trained with limited things such as budget and material.
American Courses.
In the United States, most engineers go to a college or university to get an engineering degree. Most people go to school for four years to get a Bachelor's degree in engineering. A Master's Degree is an advanced degree, usually requiring two more years of study after the Bachelors. A person with a Master's degree is eligible to enter a Doctoral program in engineering. A graduate of a Doctoral program is awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree, which is commonly called a PhD. A PhD in engineering requires three or four years of study after a Master's degree, and includes the completion of a long research report called a dissertation.
British Courses.
In the United Kingdom, engineering degrees at universities are either 3 year BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) or 4 year MEng (Master of Engineering). Engineers can also get additional recognition in the form of Chartership. In many universities it is common to take only one engineering discipline (e.g. aeronautical or civil engineering) although some universities have a general engineering degree.
French Courses.
The best way to become an engineer in France is to take the CPGE (Classe Preparatoire pour les Grandes Ecoles is the French class for engineer's school) for two years and then three years in an "Ecole d'Ingénieur" (Engineer's school).
You could also study in an IUT (Institut universitaire technologique) for three years, then by three years in an "Ecole d'Ingénieur"

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