Europe is a continent, the western part of Eurasia. It is separated from Asia by a traditional eastern boundary that includes the Ural Mountains in Russia and the Bosporus in Turkey, and from Africa by the Mediterranean Sea. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west of Europe. There are about 50 countries in Europe. The European Union is made up of some of the countries in Europe.
Origin of Name.
Europe is named after a person in Greek mythology called Europa. She was said to have been abducted to Crete by Zeus. The name later was used for Greece. Then as the rest of the area we call Europe started to have cities and empires the whole of the area West of the Urals got called this.
In Europe there is different climate in different places like in the very north like Finland it stays snow in winter for 5-6 months and is -30 degrees celcius, however for instance in Spain it is warmer and hardly snows,except mountains.
European Union.
At this time, much of the continent shares some rulership in a body that is above any country, called the European Union.

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