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eBay Courses - Are They Worth It?

There are numerous eBay courses that are available
on the Internet today. These books and courses are
designed to help you become more successful on
eBay. Unfortunately, not all of these courses are
worth the money that you will pay for them. Some of
them are full of what used to be good information -
when it was relevant - and others are simply junk
information, written by someone trying to make a
quick buck.

Before you purchase any eBay course, find out when
the course was written. If it was written in 2004, for
instance, you don't want it. Even though that hasn't
been very long ago, eBay changes so fast that much
of the information will not be relevant. However, if the
original issue of the course was written several years
ago, but the course is updated each year, this will
probably be a good course for you.

Again, use care when purchasing eBay courses.
They can be quite helpful and enlightening, but only
if the information in them is still good. Talk to other
eBay sellers - preferably successful ones - to find
out what courses are recommended.

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