Funeral is an official ceremony of burying someone who has died. Most religions have their own style of funeral ceremony.
A funeral ceremony can be held in the house of the dead, a church, a temple or a public place. The family of the dead and friends come together, remember the dead, and console each other. If it is a religious ceremony, they say a prayer for the dead so that his or her soul may rest in peace. There are lots of different traditions that different religions use. There is a rumor that some people have bells over the grave so if they get buried alive they can ring it and they will get dug up. Sometimes at funerals the deads family or friends want to pray or say something nice about who died. When people buy stone gravestones it is probably because when the dead is buried they dont want bugs get through the coffin and eating at the dead. At Christian funeral the priest often says: "From earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
Modern funerals have greatly changed over time. Present day funeral or memorial services now focus on celebrations of life instead of dwelling on the sad aspects of death.
At many present day funerals there is a video tribute played before, after, or during the funeral service. The video may go from birth to the latter days of life and oftentimes laughter can be heard throughout the chapel. It is a common practice for friends and family members to get up and speak about the deceased and tell about fond memories.It is not uncommon at funerals for the minister to ask people in the audience to come up and speak if they so wish. Memorial folders or prayer cards are handed out at many funeral services and this to is a way to personalize a funeral service.
At funerals it is not uncommon to see a "life reflection" table. Family members bring favorite pictures, or memorabilia to display as another reminder of the deceased.
Headstones are purchased to identify the person who has been buried in a specific grave. They usually tell the date of birth and the date of death. They are not used to keep bugs out of the casket.

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