Ausable River Salmon Fishing

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Ausable River Salmon Fishing

Get your gears cranking. Take out those 10 feet rods and some of your finest lures, because we're going for salmon fishing over at Ausable River, among the few spots where trout and salmon fishing is at its best.

Accurately, so few fishing hotspots can rival Ausable River for year round trout and salmon fishing. It's as if the presence of the Great Lakes nearby can already be taken for granted. So are you ready for an Ausable River Salmon Fishing Trip?

Adirondack Sport Shop
P.O. Box 125, Wilmington, NY 12997
Contact: (518) 946-2605

Adirondack Sport Shop is indeed home of the best Ausable River Salmon Fishing because Mr. Fran Betters, a fishing veteran for over 50 years oversee its operation. It's not just about Fran Betters' expertise, it's also about Betters' inherent feel about this business. Adirondack Sports Shop don't show you how they catch fish, they ensure you catch your own fish. Imparting skill is an expertise aside from fishing that Fran Betters and his team of four professional fishing guides knows so well.

Adirondack Sport Shop offers just about any kind of licensed guide service. Preferring the wade and fly fish trip? That would make Fran Betters smile; it is an expertise he mastered years ago. Nothing duplicates the challenge and the atmosphere of fly fishing on the banks. Wading trips are so much of a specialty of Fran Betters and his team of four professional fishing guides; in fact it's what the guys over Adirondack Sport Shop promote.

Personalized guides are what made fishing trips so much worthwhile. Are there starter lessons and competency checks before starting out? Check Are there discussion and lessons during lunch? Check. Are tutorials made during first time casting? Check. Do guides wade with you? Check. Do guys at Adirondack Sports Shop do all these? Check on them about these.

Ausable River Sports Shop
PO Box 448 Wilmington NY 12997-0448
Contact: (518) 946-1250

John was an angler out of proportion. He caught trophies in New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Australia and Europe. He also angled with the best game on Maine and Florida. John squared with them all: Barracuda, Tarpon, Permit, Salmon and Trout. Now, Ausable River Sports Shop has caught John. At Ausable River Sports Shop, he offers guide services and makes sure that you won't destroy his reputation by teaching you the ins and outs of Ausable River salmon fishing.

Another angler out of proportion is Tony. Of equal fishing streak, Tony spent the last 50 years fly fishing from Maine to North Carolina and even as far as Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Those games he pursued were Bass, Pikes, Panfishes, and Carps. Now that he is an Ausable River Salmon Fishing Guide, he is ready to share his knowledge of his 50 years of experience to novice and intermediate anglers. Tony, with his fondness of fly fishing, is a certified master of tying flies, casting, wading and baiting fishes with flies.
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