Fitness through Belly Dancing

Fitness through Belly Dancing

Children and adults, both are involved in belly dancing in the western countries. This is a very popular way to value the curves of the body and improve them in a better way. As per the needs of the individuals various belly dance classes are set up. The levels are defined as beginners, transitional and complex level. One has to choose the class on the basis of his/her talent and level.

In the earlier times belly dancing was taught to the ladies of the Middle East in order to build up the hips and in order to make them ready for giving birth to children. This was like a tradition in the past which later took the form of an art or say, exercise and entertainment. For a belly dancer of complex level it is normal to make 30 moves in the dance. This must be kept in mind by the beginners that theuy do not need to memorize the steps when they learn them. The only thing required is to know how they have move the belly correctly as belly dance is for a lot of those cut off parts of the body which we hardly move otherwise. We have to make that body parts dance on the rhythm of the music.

The movements of the belly dance are out of the way. The hips are pushed, raised and shimmed in belly dance and also, the pelvic muscles are required to be tilted along with rolling the body. For the hand movements they are moved like a snake. You need to shim both the legs together or one after the other. One who masters these movements needs to practice and add the belly dance in life as a routine and can also achieve a stunning belly with this. With a little work on this you can make all the movements with the basic and other similar positions and many more. Work relating to floor like sitting, standing and falling would follow on its own. One of the things which all the women love to play is veil work. This is an integral part of belly dance.

For those who are learning belly dancing it must be understood that there a lot of things that one needs to learn in order to master the art. All the teachers in this field have different names for the moves but all are the ones that are skilled. Belly dancing is an art by which one masters the art of trembling, shaking, pushing, falling, molding and fastening the body. If the arms, legs and hands start to follow the rhythm the watery motion begins to show up. The dresses worn for the belly dance are such which lets the ladies show up the curves of their body.

One must not take belly dancing as form of art only; it is in fact a way to live a healthy life by taking it as an exercise. In this form of dance every muscle of the body is put to work. This makes one fit all together and helps giving the body a good shape.

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