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Armstrong Vinyl Flooring - Innovation and Durability comes together

With manufacturers like Armstrong, you will not have a problem finding a vinyl floor in your price range and décor. Some vinyl flooring is so detailed that it is hard to tell them from the real thing.

Vinyl floors are characterized by being easy maintenance and wear resistant type of flooring. These features make it a most reasonable choice as a kitchen and/ or bath flooring most especially. Having vinyl as your flooring also lessens the risks of china or glass breakage, plus its soft-quality makes it comfortable underfoot.

Armstrong vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices among homeowners. Armstrong offers a wide array of designs from tradition to urban settings from the best manufacturers with the best guarantees in the industry. Plus, Armstrong vinyl flooring's most durable, high performance homogeneous floor is the perfect solution for the most demanding commercial spaces. The Armstrong industry's line of luxury vinyl tiles called Natural Creations Woods Collection are all commercial flooring types, only, they are nature-inspired. This attraction strategically meets all needs and retail demands of the market.

Armstrong vinyl-flooring also incorporate designs that are cleverly imitative of authentic slate, sisal, limestone, even linen - not only durable, it's also dramatic. Plus, Armstrong vinyl-flooring is versatile - fit for kitchen, bathroom, or any other room that needs a jazz up.

The S-761 patent pending seam-adhesive by Armstrong is a new system especially proposed for commercial sheet vinyl and linoleum flooring. Using a S-761 seam-adhesive by Armstrong commercial vinyl flooring, installation will never be difficult and time consuming ever again - valuable for both the construction contractor and the home owner. The traditional heat welding system installation of vinyl takes almost 11-hours to finish. Compared with the traditional installation system, the S-761 only takes minutes - allows you to save time and also money.
Armstrong vinyl flooring now has ultra-violet-cured urethane coating, making it look good for ages, a sense that it never wears-off. Polyurethane also makes the good-looks good-for-cleaning. Its low-maintenance doesn't require any polishing hence cost-effective. It saves money because the new urethane UV-cured coating lessens the need for routine maintenance.
The Armstrong vinyl industry is no doubt among the leaders in the flooring manufacture - trusted for decades because of its make's durable-quality and versatile-performance. Its low-maintenance and stain-resistant products with an added style factor gives it a boost past other flooring-types.
Armstrong understands that flooring can be a big purchase. That's why every floor they sell comes with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
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