Home Garage Flooring

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Home Garage Flooring


Home garage floorings are a picky lot, especially if garages are becoming the main entries of your abode. Meaning they need to be aesthetic, yet damage, wear, abrasion, and stain resistant as most heavy duty activities also occur on this area. Home garage floorings do need to be visually pleasant yet highly durable.

Probably the first issue of home garage flooring is its huge liability of grease, motor oil, and petroleum messes. And these materials could make up an amount of stain. That's why rubber floorings aren't so much of a wonder when used as home garage flooring. They are a chore to clean, even with claims of brush and heavy detergent. But normal house floorings just wouldn't do. Aside from cleaning difficulties, house flooring aren't capable of resisting damage and chips due to heavy equipment and its constant exposure to this area can really wear down a fine floor.

One highly recommended option is the Sani-Tred Home Garage Flooring. It is a floor coating that offers a durable and glossy surface over any home garage flooring that forms a lasting bond with the original floor surface. It is highly waterproof as one should expect with any chemical applications but it is never toxic. Sani-Tred Home Garage Flooring is also slip resistant, having a cushiony rubbery texture but also very hardy, making it a secure workspace. Here's the product id.

Sani-Tred Home Garage Flooring
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Recommended home garage flooring is from Muscle Gloss, the leader of performance epoxy gloss. The Muscle Seal Home Garage Flooring is applied through spraying. It dries 20 minutes after then it gives durable showroom quality finish. This 100% solid epoxy technology gives an outstanding gloss you'll hardly believe. And it is industrial quality, this resin is so tough and durable it remains the same for a couple of years. It comes in colors of red, blue, dark gray, light gray, and indigo though Muscle Gloss can provide custom colors for any clients. Here's the product id.

Muscle Seal Home Garage Flooring
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While most floor matting are so inept at resisting stains, JNK Products Coin Grade Garage Flooring does fairly well in resisting stains. It can be easily washed with soap and water, for those garages to constantly need substantial amounts of cleaning. It is PVC material, making it is an excellent insulator; perfect for those garage-workspace-prisons that deals with large amounts of electricity. JNK Products Coin Grade Garage Flooring is a heavy-duty flooring material designed to protect floors, avoid slips by having a rubber texture that can also cushion hard falls.

JNK Products Coin Grade Garage Flooring
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