Non Slip Flooring

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Non Slip Flooring

Summary: For non slip flooring, choose natural cork flooring for the aesthetic, rubber matting for durability

Troubled about slippery floors? While stone floors like marble, slate, and limestone may be gorgeous with their exquisite veining, these floors could get slippery. And hard falls especially on small and tricky areas like stairs and bathrooms can be deadly. Protect these areas by installing non slip flooring. You'll never know when accidents happen.

There are flooring types that have innate non slip properties in them. Just like cork flooring. Cork is the best suggested non slip flooring, since it provides superlative aesthetic look than most kinds of non slip flooring. Corks non slip flooring can be purchased with different designs. Some cork flooring tiles have elegant patterns and nice cool colors that complement modern furniture. Some cork tiles are even being made to resemble marble and limestone, even with veining.

Cork flooring is perhaps the best flooring material for toddler's room and children's play area. It is not only non slip flooring; it also absorbs shock pretty well making it also an excellent cushion. So there's no need of extensive rubber matting on playgrounds and kiddies quarters. Furthermore, cork is best known for its hypoallergenic nature or it won't be used to stopper aging wine bottles. Providing cushion, being hypoallergenic, and looks pretty good makes cork the best non slip flooring option.

Expanko showcases different cork product designs and pattern schemes. They offer traditional cork tile flooring, XCR3 which is a hybrid of cork and rubber, and the Vallarex design, which is a glueless cork flooring system. You've got to see the designs they are proposing. Here's their website:

Expanko, Inc.
3135 Lower Valley Road
Parkesburg, PA 19365, USA
Phone: (800) 345-6202
Fax: (610) 593-3027

There are also rubber matting that provide first-rate traction to prevent falls and slips. Like the non slip flooring in industries. These are heavy duty brand of hard rubber that prevents slips and falls by excellent traction and cushioning. Being rubber also makes it an excellent insulator. One brand of rubber non slip flooring is JNK Products Coin Grade Garage Flooring. It is of PVC material, making it is the most durable non slip flooring that is perfect for those workplaces that deal with heavy activities. This non slip flooring is also fire resistant

JNK Products Coin Grade Garage Flooring
Call toll free: 877-873-37836

Highly recommended non slip flooring is the Sani-Tred Flooring. Although it is a floor coating meaning it requires a flooring foundation. Still it offers a durable and glossy surface over any home flooring, forming a lasting bond with the original floor surface. It is highly waterproof and also slip resistant by having a rubbery texture. This non slip flooring is perfect for garages and showrooms that has elegant original flooring but needs more durability than what the original surface could offer.

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