Flower Girl Gifts

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Flower Girl Gifts

Choosing flower girl gifts can be a daunting task. You are already up to your elbows with various details about your wedding, one can just imagine why innocuous details such as flower girl gifts can be forgotten. However, putting some thought and effort into selecting the perfect flower girl gifts can be greatly appreciated, as you will soon see.


Everybody knows that women are simply easier to shop for than men. So it is likely that you will have no trouble shopping for the bridesmaids and the other female attendants. Shopping for flower girl gifts, however, is going to take some time and effort on your part. But still, it is doable and not as difficult as, say, shopping for the groom's men or the ring bearer.

Questions to Ask

The most important thing about shopping for flower girl gifts is the time and thought you put into it. Sure, it's cliché to say that it is the thought that counts, but time and time again, it has been proven that the gift itself is not what it's all about.

So time - well you do need to take some time off from pre-wedding arrangements and seriously think about what to give your little entourage. Consider it a long overdue break, which you definitely deserve if you have been absolutely busy arranging things here there, going from caterer to caterer, going on food tasting and wine tasting, yadda, yadda… And take a breather. You never know. Shopping for flower girl gifts might just be what you need to get your mind off things like pre-wedding jitters.

So what should you do? Where do you start? Begin by asking yourself these questions:

* Do you want to give all of your flower girls the same gift?
* Or do you want to select gifts for each of them to match their personalities?

The first option takes less time. However, it might also be difficult, since you want to find flower girl gifts that are generally appealing to everyone.

On the other hand, if you opt for the second choice, you would have to beat yourself black and blue thinking about flower girl gifts that match the receiver's personalities. But then, the gift would have special meaning and truly reflects the amount of thought you have put into it.

Choose whichever you prefer, considering all factors, such as time, effort, expenses involved, and the like.


Jewelry is the most popular gift for bridesmaids. You can use jewelry too as your flower girl gifts and make it so they can wear it with their gowns. If you want, you can even personalize the jewelry by giving each flower girl her birthstone or her initials on it.

Another fun idea for flower girl gifts is a goody bag. You can fill it Bath & Body Works products for instance, charms with their initials, or chocolate truffles.
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