Freeze Dried Flowers

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Freeze Dried Flowers

The method done for freeze dried flowers is the most effective technique done at this contemporary period. Not to mention that is state of the art, an innovative vacuum process that will take approximately four weeks. It depends however, on the thickness of the foliage because if it is thick, then it will consume more time before its completion. If it is thin then it would follow that the period will be lesser albeit, it should be done with utmost caution since it is very delicate.

Freeze dried flowers undergo a course of action where water has to be squeezed out as vapor directly from the ice even sans the passing through the state of liquid. It is referred to as sublimation where the occurrence of pressure has to be reduced. There are also other drying methods that are applied for evaporation. It means that vapor has been removed from liquid when there is heated air. When a machine is utilized, the temperature drops to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. With such, it allows the flora to return to its original form as the colors are even enhanced.

When going back to history, freeze dried flowers were first learned by the ancient Incas. They were the civilization that discovered that when they desiccate food at increased elevations, the results are much better. Even if it would become iced, it would still dry well when placed under the heat of the sun. The pressure that has been decreased at high elevation when mixed with air as well as with solar energy, will cause sublimation to happen. As the people in the olden times acquired such knowledge, they also adopted it to other sensitive biological materials.

Before the Incas advanced to the freeze dried flowers, they had three reasons of why the scheme was highly appreciated by them. First, freezing actually slows down most chemicals that react to each other. Second, it appears under a vacuum where the absence of oxygen hampers oxidative feedbacks. Third, it can be performed at temperatures that are really low. As the Incas have been using it for other elements, they then applied to plants especially those that bear blossoms.

At these contemporary times, it is done by drying the blossoms individually to ensure that its aesthetic shape will be retained. It is then placed inside a machine to avoid bruising the petals. The stems are taken out so that it will stand upside down. An average device hold about 2, 000 heads where after the fourth week period, it can now be taken out. Such alone will take about four to five hours since it will not be taken by bundles but individually. After, it is then dipped in a solution that will seal the blossoms and allow them to be soft. It will then be ventilated for a minimum of 36 to 48 hours.
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