gum paste flowers

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Gum Paste Flowers

Are you always impressed by the beautifully designed sugar paste or gum paste flowers decorated on various cakes? Well, who aren't? Gum paste flowers or any gum paste designs never seize to amaze both children and adults alike. Have you seen how all the brides and guests' eyes light up when they see wedding cakes? It's not because they think the cake is delicious, but rather it's the cake itself with all the delicate design that mostly made from gum paste flowers. Although gum paste flowers are used to beautify wedding cakes and to any other cakes for different celebration. I personally have been wondering how do cake designers can do such lovely designs. Would you want to know, too?

Actually, gum paste flowers are made from gum paste, which alternatively known as sugar paste or candy clay. Gum paste is used for making all kinds of fancy decorations such as flowers, leaves, ribbons, and practically anything you can think of and it has been widely used by many confectioners to make edible decorations way back many years ago.

Gum paste, as a matter of fact, is pliable sugar dough mixed with mixed with gums, making it easy to shape like modeling clay. And because of its sugar content, gum paste dries hard with a texture and crispiness of a wafer and can be very brittle. To be able to make the shape you've created look interesting, you can tint or paint on it, or dust it with decorating dusts, which are utilized add gentle touch of shading all gum paste designs. All of the gum paste flowers and other gum paste models are edible, but you may not like them as they have bland tastes and don't taste very good even if they seem like they do.

As compared to fondant, gum paste is versatile and stronger. You can roll it very thinly to make it easier to make delicate shapes or mold into figurines or anything you want. If you created you shapes from think gum paste, they make take a while to dry up, while the ones made from thin dries up easily. Once you're done with your design, you can store them up in airtight containers, in a cool and dry place. Make sure to keep your gum paste designs away from heat or moisture as they get soft if exposed to those elements.

If you want to try making your own gum paste flowers, you can buy gum paste and all you have to do is just add water into it. Always remember that when mixed, the result should be smooth and not sticky. The sugar content of gum paste makes the mixture easy to form a shape and slows down the drying effect of air. It is important that you know this, especially when you need enough time to create delicate designs.
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