fun slumber parties

Fun Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber parties or sleepovers can create memories that last a lifetime, and they're something exclusive to childhood. Boys and girls can enjoy a sleepover, and there are various approaches and themes you can use. Here are some ideas.

Camp Out

A really fun outdoor slumber party idea is to have a campout in your yard. Guests can bring camping supplies and you can supply some to make a fun, outdoor party. Guests can sleep in tents and, if age-appropriate and with adult supervision, they can cook out on a grill or bonfire. Before it gets dark, guests can go on a scavenger hunt. Once it gets a bit darker, they can play flashlight tag.

Movie Night

Gather lots of age-appropriate movies, and set up a concession stand in the room where your guests will be watching the movies. You can make a concession stand with cardboard, plywood, or other materials, or just use tables. Serve popcorn and candy in red-and-white striped bags (you can make or purchase these). Set things up so that guests can watch movies for as long as they like. Have activities such as board games or crafts for guests who grow tired of the movies and want to take a break.


Girls will love a spa theme for a slumber party. Guests can do each other's hair, play with make-up, nail polish, and facial masks. Adults should supervise any hair styling that might be dangerous, such as the use of curling irons. Powdered drink mix can, with parents' approval, make fun, temporary hair color. Let everyone have a makeover! For drinks, consider alcohol-free margaritas and daiquiris served with little umbrellas.

Game Night

Have guests come prepared to play their favorite games as late as they want - whether it's board games, electronic games, or sports. You could combine several different types of games for interest - maybe a game of football or Frisbee outdoors, then inside for board games, then settle into sleeping bags and play video games.

Pajama Party

If your child/children are too young for a sleepover, why not have a pretend one? Guests can come for dinner and leave at bedtime, but they can change into their pjs (or show up in them), get into sleeping bags, and bring along stuffed animals. You can serve fun finger foods for dinner, and s'mores for dessert. Guests can use fabric markers to decorate their own pillow case to take home.

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