Great Britain

Great Britain
Great Britain is part of the United Kingdom.
In geography, Great Britain is an island in Europe. It is the main part of the United Kingdom. It contains England, Scotland and Wales. England is the biggest part of the island. England is in the southeast. Wales is to the west of England. Scotland is to the north of England.
Ireland is to the west of Great Britain. Ireland contains the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland is not a part of the island of Great Britain, but it's a part of the United Kingdom.
The capital of England is London. Scotland's capital is Edinburgh and Wales' is Cardiff.
Britain was called Great Britain originally to distinguish the island from Brittany. Thousands of people from Great Britain had gone to live in Brittany in the seventh and eighth centuries.
Britain was made in the year 1707 when England and Scotland joined up because they already had the same king. This was called "The Kingdom of Great Britain".
In the year 1800, Ireland joined up with Great Britain and they all were then called "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland".
Today, the island is called "Great Britain" and sometimes the "United Kingdom" is called Britain or "Great Britain".

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