Grand Canyon Camping

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Grand Canyon Camping

Yes, so you have probably seen the Grand Canyon before - in a postcard, a travel magazine, IMAX movies, TV ads, snapshots, etc. But no matter how jaded you may feel about this icon of the American landscape, the experience is different when you are standing right on it and gawking at the expansive abyss.

For many people, the view alone is enough. It's like they could spend a day being in awe of this stunning sight and come home happy and feeling like it's worth it. However, for the more adventurous types, you shouldn't stop at merely looking.

The Grand Canyon offers many opportunities for those who seek thrills to spice up their vacation. One such option is the pleasurable experience of Grand Canyon camping.

There are many Grand Canyon camping grounds to choose from and from four different locations: South Rim, North Rim, Outside the Park, and Backcountry (Inner Canyon). In this article, we'll highlight one or two Grand Canyon camping grounds for each location to help you decide where you want to set up your tent.

South Rim

Mather Campground

This is an excellent Grand Canyon camping ground, operated by the National Park Service. It is open year-round, however, if you do decide to visit this Grand Canyon camping ground, it is recommended that you book your reservations early since the sites operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Trailer Village

Located right next to the Mather Campground, Trailer Village is an RV campsite, complete with hookups. The site is not as popular as its next door neighbor, making it perfect for those looking to avoid the crowd. You can make your advance reservations by calling (888) 297-2757. Same-day reservation calls are also available.

North Rim

North Rim Campground

They say the North Rim offers some of the best views of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim Campground, operated by the National Park Service, is no different. Open from the middle of May to the middle of October, this camping ground allows a maximum of two vehicles, three tents, and six people per site.

Outside the Park

Jacob Lake Campground

This Grand Canyon camping ground is operated by the US Forest Service. Located 45 miles (75 km) north of the North Rim, Jacob Lake Campground is open only during the summer and offers no hookups or reservations.

Backcountry (Inner Canyon)

While Grand Canyon camping is usually restricted to designated campsites, it is possible for you to camp in a location other than a developed campground. As long as you stay within the Park boundaries, you can obtain a permit from the Backcountry Information Center to camp in said area. Note that all the sites found in the inner canyon require a backcountry permit. This includes areas inside the Bright Angel Campground at Phantom Ranch.
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