Ancient Greece Food

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Ancient Greece Food - As Healthy As It Gets

The main diets of ancient Greeks include wheat, wine and olive oil. These ancient Greece foods were supplemented with milk, cheese, and some types of vegetables, seafood, and poultry. During those times, cheese & garlic were added to wine.

It was a belief then that they should not eat meat unless these came from animal that were hunted from the wild, or this were first offered to the gods. This made eating meat less appealing to them. They would also rather have these animals alive, especially if they produce other products as milk.

Wheat was one of their sources for carbohydrates and fiber in their diet. When growing wheat, they try to look for those that produce big heads so as to have more wheat during harvest. They either cook these by boiling, much like in cereals today, or they made bread out of it - which they preferred as the breads can be packed and brought with them when they travel.

Menu of Ancient Greece food would not be complete without wine. These were derived from the grapes the people grew. Wine was very popular in every meal - a source of carbohydrates as well, and had greater chances of being over consumed during a meal.

Fish was their main source of protein. A lot of seafood is available as their area is basically surrounded with seas, and these were rich with resources for one's consumption. The higher class in the society would even have oysters, or turtles for their meal.

Ancient Greece food had as a main source of fat, the olive oils. Meat wasn't exactly their preference for a source of fat. Cheese and milk were options, but Greeks basically were not so fond of drinking milk. They ate only little of their cheese and meat.

Aphrodisiacs were not absent at all in the menu of ancient Greece food. Onions, as well as garlic were eaten regularly, adding these to bread or salads. Aphrodisiac salads were available which contained honey. Honey has been known to have curative benefits for some time now, and a libido booster for that matter. Sesame seeds were also put in into these salads for more libido-boosting effects. Mushrooms were considered aphrodisiacs as well, so was stafylinos, which grew in the wild and was referred to as a sex potion.

The ancient Greece food could be considered a healthy diet. Their food mainly came from natural sources, and were not refined or processed further that could have caused the loss of nutrients. Their ancient diet could be a good way to go for the people of today, with less of the wine of course.

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