Good Things to Know About Siemens Hearing Aids

Good Things to Know About Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens offers a wide range of aids for the hearing impaired. One of the most important aids they offer is the Siemens Centra Active. A person would no longer have to be limited because of an active lifestyle if they chose this hearing aid. It is protected against excessive moisture caused by the menopausal hot flashes, which has created havoc with many hearing aid users because of the unusual sweating that occurs during this time. If you are the type of person who enjoys working in your garden or spending time outside during the heat of the summer, you'll perspire at some point. Your hearing aid must be able to stand up to the excess perspiration. If you want to just be outside watching your children play, this will help ease your limitations and allow you and your children more quality time together because you won't have to worry about your hearing aid conking out on you when you start to sweat from the summer heat!

This amazing little instrument has a clip-on microphone cover to protect it from moisture, dust, and extra-tiny particles such as pollen. Pollen dust can be thick and annoying during the spring and could be a hindrance to your hearing aid that is not protected against it.

Another awesome development Siemens has access to is the charger. Batteries have long been a source of frustration for hearing aid wearers, especially if you aren't able to get new ones when you need them most. Battery chargers have stepped outside the boundaries of video recorders, digital cameras, and cell phones to reach the field of the hearing impaired. Those who were limited by batteries can now extend their capabilities with the Centra Active Charger, which will greatly help active hearing aid wearers. Five hours of charging can be done as you sleep because the smart little charger shuts off when it's done. You'll get a full day of use and onto into the evening.

Some of the other great products Siemens offers are as follows:

1. Siemens Acuris Life-the first wireless aid, an open canal aid, has flexible tubes with soft tips, 3 memory settings, 16 channels, 3 year warranty, $1300
2. 2. Siemens Centra Active-water-resistant, rechargeable, optional charger ($150), comes in 11 colors, $1600
3. Siemens Cielo 2 Life
4. Siemens Cielo DIR BTE
5. Siemens Cielo Life
6. Siemens Artis 2 Life

Some of the tests performed to determine the best hearing aid for your degree of hearing loss include: whispered speech, tuning fork, audiometry, otoa coustic, emissions and auditory brainstem response. An audiologist (someone who is trained to evaluate and treat hearing defects) can best determine which type of hearing aid is the best type for you. Sometimes there is added bone growth which interferes with the transmission of sound waves. It can be stopped or reversed with surgery 70% of the time. Even so, a hearing aid may be necessary until you can have the surgery, or it may be necessary if you do have the surgery and suffer still from a certain degree of hearing loss.

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