Hotel Free from Bed Bugs

Hotel Free from Bed Bugs

If you are planning to go for a holiday or for an official meeting and have to stay in a hotel, be aware of that tiny creature that hides in the cracks of bed frames and can bite you in the middle of the night. So you think you won't face any such problem because your hotel is a luxury one? These parasites can even infest beds of 5-star hotels too.

Hotel management has received an increasing number of bedbug reports from guests. Although the cleaning service might have the routine to spray beds and furniture items, yet these bugs have seemed to form resistance against ordinary pesticides and are therefore difficult to get rid of.

Bedbugs were frequently spotted before World War II when the soldiers reported many skin infections caused by these parasites. Yet the used of pest-control sprays by farmers on large scale helped killing these bugs too. The revival of bedbugs can be associated with the tourist and emigrants that brought these with their luggage and clothes. Even if a female bug clings to any cloth and manages to reach a hotel, a whole colony of bedbugs can be produced within months.

Another explanation of their return would be the pesticides reforms made after 50's according to which the DDT was banned due to its toxic nature. Pesticides were then prepared for specific insects. But the modified pest killers were not effective for bedbugs at all.

Many big hotels had to face claims made by guests that suffered bedbug bites. Bedbugs are flat reddish brown tiny insects and reside in warm places. Being nocturnal they only show up during night and hide in small dark cracks. They are attracted to warm blooded animals, birds and humans and suck their blood. Its hell of a job to get rid of this tiny creature because they can stay in their hidings for nearly a whole year without food.

Bedbug sucks blood like a professional doctor takes out blood from a patient's body. First it just injects a anesthetic because of which the person doesn't feel any pain of the sting. And then the bedbug sucks blood from the body causing a swollen blot with severe itching afterward.

Bedbugs have really put the credibility of various hotels at stake where customers have sued the hotel for risking the health of their guest and not communicating this problem with them beforehand. Irrational behavior of hotel management has even blemished their image more. Instead of addressing this problem directly, they try to suppress it by ignoring any such incident.

Bed bugs are very dangerous when they are in hotels. Because when you travel from one place to another and you stay in hotel having bed bugs, it means you are gathering bed bugs to create problem for you, in your baggage. It is advised to keep anti itching cream with you.

Nowadays, internet is the most efficient way of gathering information. Search the hotel on internet and check hotel reviews and ratings by other client. The experience of other clients will help you to decide on what hotel to go.

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