How To Make Money With Craigslist

How To Make Money With Craigslist

One of the most common places to buy and sell things is the simple site known as Craigslist. It's famous for its discounted prices and the fact that business is done between individuals who live in the same area. Many people have successfully made money on this site, some of which have even paid off large amounts of debt. Craigslist isn't a place to make a constantly flowing income, however. It's more of a site for making a little extra money on the side. Individuals, also known as hustlers, can each come up with their own system on how they can efficiently make money. Here are some tips to help you get started, then you can begin to develop your own personal system from there.

What do People want?

Before you start to sell, you first need to understand why people go on Craigslist to spend their money. Some reasons include:

  • buying furniture and appliances

  • buying old items that are no longer sold in stores and are more expensive on eBay

  • discounted items

  • someone who will do odd jobs

  • particular jobs, like graphic design and mowing the lawn

With this in mind, one thing Craigslist isn't a good place to make money with is crafts and paintings. Art should be left for sites like Etsy, where people purposely go to buy those specific types of products. People also want to buy things that are affordable, and art tends to be expensive. If you want to sell something, then make sure the price is lower than what you would typically find anywhere else.

What to Sell?

It could be difficult at first to decide what to sell. A good start would be things you have that you no longer want. This would be a good opportunity to clean out places like your garage and shed of all that clutter. Many of your things could fall under the category of old items or, at the very least, discounted items.

You can also perform tasks known as flipping and restoration. The idea of flipping is buying something and then selling it again for a higher price. You must still keep that price reasonable, though. Restoration is buying old, beat-up furniture, cleaning, painting, and restoring it, and selling it again for a larger price than when you bought it. These are common tactics, and people do go on Craigslist to buy new, but discounted, furniture.

If you have nothing to sell and don't even have the investment money to flip and restore, then you could also look for odd jobs. You can post odd jobs like painting someone's porch or pulling weeds, provided you are competent and have the tools for it. There may also be odd jobs in your area that is requested by others. These jobs can most likely be found in the "ETC" section of Craigslist under jobs. The positions vary for each area.

There are all kinds of jobs you can post or apply for that suit your particular talents and professions. You might be able to design websites or manage an event. If you're not looking for something part- or full-time, then there can be plenty of opportunities regardless.

How to Prepare

You can have a great product or service, but the post itself must still get the attention of potential buyers. Make sure to add clear photos of the item you're selling as well as a detailed description of your products. It's advised that you do not provide your phone number or any other contact information. Craigslist already has a simple emailing system the buyer can use. You should provide a place with which to meet someone.

When arranging to meet someone, the ideal scenario is to meet them in a well-lit public place during the day. However, that may not always be the case. You might have restored furniture that you can't deliver, so the person may have to come to your home. Make sure you're not alone when they do, and that the price has been established before arrival.

Your services, as previously mentioned, is meant for hustling instead of income. This doesn't mean that you should slack off. Dress appropriately for the job and be friendly to your customers. This can encourage the possibility of repeat customers and new ones.

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