How to Quit Smoking Forever

How to Quit Smoking Forever

It is hard to stop smoking due to the addictive nature of nicotine. Still, hard does not mean impossible and many people have a much easier time quitting than others by sticking with some techniques that have proven to be effective at dropping the smoking habit. Here are some useful tips for helping to quit smoking forever.

Commit to Quitting for Good

One of the keys to quitting smoking is to be devoted to quitting. Don’t go into it with the expectation that you will relapse into smoking. Consider it inevitable that you will quit, even if you have a couple of moments of weakness where you have a cigarette. Always work towards reducing the quantity of smoking that you undergo and keep a positive outlook and timeline in place for getting rid of your habit.

Ween Yourself Off Nicotine

It is difficult for many smokers to go cold turkey and give up smoking immediately. It is better for many to slowly ween themselves off of tobacco slowly by reducing their nicotine levels. There are many different ways to accomplish this. Some people will reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke a day until it they are near zero, and then eliminate them completely. Others will stop smoking but will use nicotine patches or gum until they are weened from their addiction. Another option is to switch to electronic cigarettes and choose e-liquids that have reduced nicotine levels.

Whatever the route chosen, reducing your nicotine levels slowly and constantly with a premeditated timeline and plan can make you less likely to relapse and keep free of smoking.

Consider Yourself a Non-Smoker

Now that you have broken your habit and are no longer a smoker, it is time to act offended when other smokers are nearby. Pretend to choke with smoke, act offended when others smoke, and feel great with your new and healthier you. While this is tongue-in-cheek, you will certainly enjoy the increased energy level and other benefits from not smoking shortly after quitting. There are many benefits to not smoking and in time you will wonder why you ever kept the smokies habit for as long as you did.

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