How to Save Money with Your Phone Plan

How to Save Money with Your Phone Plan

It is pretty much a necessity to have a smartphone in this day and age due to the need for many people to use them to access work email and documents at all hours or to interact with others socially. While a smartphone data and phone plan can be costly, there are several different ways to reduce the overall costs and save money on your phone plan overall.

Join a Family Plan

Family plans offer the best option for saving money on your phone plan. Sharp discounts are given for having multiple phone lines under one master plan and there is no benefit for not keeping your phone under a master family plan. Sign up your entire family and consider bundling with your extended family for further savings, if they are interested in doing so. By combining multiple phone lines your per phone costs will plummet and you will have a more manageable phone bill.

Bundle with Other Services

Many phone providers like Verizon and AT&T also will sell home telephone and cable internet subscriptions in addition to their cellphone plans. By bundling with these services you can potentially reduce your fees as many phone providers will offer discounts and incentives for you to keep all of your services under their umbrella. It is cheaper to keep your phone plans bundled with your tv services, if practical in your area and to save on your total costs by doing so.

Look for Company or Organizational Discounts

Various companies and organizations will have programs with phone carriers that offer discounts. In fact, it would be hard to not fit into one of these discount program options. Examples outside of your employer would be discounts as an alumnus of certain universities, different clubs that you may be a part of, discounts as a veteran, and various other options. Think through the groups that you may have been affiliated with or currently are and contact your phone provider to see if there are any reduced rates available. If not, then keep in mind that you can often claim membership to a group or as an employee of a company and that most of the individuals who would be entering in these discounts would not bother to verify it and would simply apply the discount as a shortcut.

While a smartphone is a necessity in this day and age it doesn’t mean that you need to overpay for your coverage. Keep this in mind and consider the aforementioned options for saving on your phone plan. In addition, consider adding e-statements, automatic payment options, and prepaying phone plans as a way of further reducing your overall costs on your phone plan.

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