Hyenas are mammals. They are the family Hyaenidae, in the order Carnivora. Hyenas live in Africa, and in west and south Asia. There are two subfamilies with four species.
Appearence and Biology.
Although Hyenas look much like canids, they are actually in the suborder Feliformia, the same as cats and mongooses. All species of Hyena walk much like a bear because their front legs are longer than their back. The Brown and Stripes Hyena have striped fur with a mane covering their neck. The Spotted Hyena's fur is shorter and spotted, instead of striped. The Spotted Hyena's mane is reversed foreward, instead of back, like the other species. Hyenas are known to have the worlds strongest bite power, but it is not in proportion. For example, the Tasmanian Devil has a more powerful bite, in proportion.
Grouping and Society.
Hyenas, particularly Spotted Hyenas are very intelligent creatures. Spotted Hyena's society is more complicated than most other carnivorous mammals, and have been compared to primates'. They work together very well and are very cooperative. They have very strategic hunting methods and stay close to their kill to protect it from predators.

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