Fingerstick Hematology Analyzer

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Fingerstick Hematology Analyzer supplies the latest information on devices and products to health professionals that eventually transform patient care. All of the items they feature are approved by the FDA where you can also read reviews and profiles as well as watch demonstrations and images.

Here is a list of fingerstick hematology analyzer equipments that you can purchase online. You can also personally visit them at 395 Oyster Point Boulevard, Suite 330, South San Francisco, California or give them a call at 1-650-952-6140.

ABX Micros 60 from Horiba ABX
Dubbed as the most compact revolutionary innovation, ABX Micros 60 is an 8 to 18 automated parameter fingerstick hematology analyzer. Its features include sampling on closed tube, impedance, photometry, microsampling and stepper motor technology. Its dimensions are 42cm in height, 36cm in width and 32cm in diameter.
As for its analysis time, leukocyte differential and reticulocyte count, you can contact 888-903-5001 for more information.

Cell- DYN 1700 from Abbott Diagnostics
Designed to address blood examination needs in today's changing laboratory environment, Cell- DYN 1700 is a fingerstick hematology analyzer that is an ease in usage, maintenance and requirements. Its features include an 18 parameter automated system, 3 parts of leukocyte differential, optional closed sampling system, graphical display with 3 histograms, 30 microliter sample requirement, 60 seconds of complete blood count and 5, 000 specimen data storage with graphics. It also has sophisticated data management and simplified information interpretation.
As for its dimensions, throughput and reticulocyte count, you can contact 847-937-6100 for more information.

INratio from HemoSense Inc.
Providing prothrombin time (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR) results, INratio is a fingerstick hematology analyzer that uses only a single drop of fresh capillary whole blood. Its features include on- board quality control on each examination, test strips that do not require refrigeration, small drop of 15ul sample directly applied to strip, electronic system self- check, self- maintaining system and simple interface change.
As for the price, you can contact 877-436-6444 for more information.

Micromat II Hemoglobin A1c Instrument from Bio- Rad Laboratories
With laboratory accuracy and precision, Micromat II Hemoglobin A1c Instrument is a fingerstick hematology analyzer that eliminates long delays between patient visits. Its features include self- contained cartridge, 10 microliter specimen, DCCT calibrated, optional printer, proven methodology and NSGP certified. It also enables face- to- face dialog for rapid treatment intervention.
As for the dimensions, weight and price, you can contact 510-741-5790 for more information.

FastPack System from Qualigen Inc.
Having a lab quality immunoassay system, FastPack System is a fingerstick hematology analyzer is designed for rapid results. Its features include a detection limit of .04ng/ml and with only 15 minutes processing time.
As for the throughput rate, automation and price, you can contact 877-709-2169 for more information.

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