Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is a web browser created by Spyglass Inc. In 1996, Microsoft bought Internet Explorer, which was called Mosaic at the time, from Spyglass Inc and gave them some of the money they made from it. The browser has been developed by Microsoft ever since.
Internet Explorer has been included in every kind of the Microsoft Windows operating system since Windows 98, in 1999. Microsoft used to make Internet Explorer for the UNIX, Solaris, and Macintosh operating systems. Only the Microsoft Windows operating system is supported now. Internet Explorer cannot be removed without causing the user using Windows to lose important functions of the system.
Many people who use other browsers do not like Internet Explorer. They say it is not secure and has lots of problems in it, for example, other people may be able to look at what you are looking at (Spyware). Also sometimes a webpage may only support viewing it in Internet Explorer, this has made people using other operating systems unhappy with Microsoft because Internet Explorer can not run on Linux or Apple Macintosh computers. Some people have also thought that Internet Explorer being included with Windows lead to the decrease in popularity of Netscape Navigator a competing product to Internet Explorer.

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