Is The DELL Latitude Laptop Computer Right For You

Is The DELL Latitude Laptop Computer Right For You?

If you're searching for a business oriented laptop that provides power on a budget, the Dell Latitude (MFP HY469 A00) may be just right for you. At close to 5 pounds, the Latitude has a sturdy build yet still qualifies as a "thin and light" laptop. Dell describes the computer as road ready, meaning tough and light enough to travel well. The Latitude is aimed at business users but has enough power inside to consider it a multi-purpose laptop. The internal hard drive and DVD-Rom offer plenty of media accessibility for video, music, and image collections. The case is an elegant dark charcoal with subdued silver trim suited perfectly for an understated business style. The keyboard is full sized, making for an easy to transition between computers.

The Latitude comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, rated between 1.60 to 2.40 GHz depending on the individual unit. Core 2 Duo uses 64-bit architecture but is still compatible with the older 32-bit software.

Graphics and Audio:
The Latitude sports a 14.1" screen with 1,440 x 900-pixel native resolution, driven by onboard integrated graphics hardware. The wide screen works well for catching up on office work or just watching movies during down time. There's enough on-screen real estate to have a couple of windows open while working with the included productivity suite. The wide screen is a natural fit for today's movies and there's plenty of internal storage to keep a few shows available at any time. The included DVD player means you can bring a few favorite DVDs in your travel bag for anytime watching.
There are two front facing built-in stereo speakers for onboard audio. A headphone jack is available for private listening, with a microphone jack included for audio input.

Memory and Storage:
The unit comes with 2GB of ram, enough to accomplish many tasks without the need to upgrade. More memory is available, up to a total of 8GB. The hard drive contains 80GB of storage space. Depending on format and compression, 80GB is enough capacity to store roughly 18,000 photos, 12,000 music files, and 36 hours of video. More storage can be provided by any compatible external hard drive via the USB ports. A DVD-Rom/CD-RW optical drive provides access to disk-based media. Installing software, playing media, or performing a data backup are all equally easy to accomplish. There's room to add a large ebook collection as well.

Dell provides multiple choices for online access. Wi-fi allows you to connect to any open hotspot. Many businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, schools and hospitals offer free hotspots. The Latitude comes with an Ethernet port for online connection through cable, DSL, and LAN. There's even a built-in modem for 56k dial-up. You may spend a lot of time waiting when using dial-up, but it's nice to have extra options. An optional WWAN is also available. WWAN is a mobile broadband network often referred to as 3G or 4G.

The MFP HY469 A00 comes standard with a six-cell battery. Dell also makes a compatible nine cell battery. The nine-cell unit visibly extends an inch to the front of the keyboard area. Most laptop extended batteries are to the rear, making this an unusual design choice. It also adds approximately half a pound to the weight. The added weight and front facing extension are factors to consider when choosing a new battery.

This computer comes with the Windows 7 Home Edition Operating System installed. Windows 7 has a built-in firewall, and Microsoft Security Essential is included to provide anti-virus protection. A complete productivity package is installed, offering compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Adobe Reader X brings the ability to read and add comments to PDF documents.

The Dell Latitude Laptop has a lot to offer. The case is rugged, and the hinges are built to last. The screen is small for portability, without being too small to use. It's designed with business in mind yet works well for entertainment. The laptop is easy to expand. Adding ram, WWAN, and a larger battery are obvious options, offering plenty of power for the price. If all these factors meet your needs, then you should consider the Dell Latitude when choosing your laptop.

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