Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is a city in the American state of Nevada. The city had a population of 478,434 people in 2000. It is the biggest city in Nevada. Las Vegas is also the county seat of Clark County in Nevada.
Mormon farmers first lived there in 1854. It was called "Las Vegas" by Spanish people. The name means "The Meadows" in the Spanish language. It had a lot of these in 1854. The city is known for its dry climate, as is the rest of Southern Nevada. It is surrounded by deserts.
The US Army built Fort Baker there in 1864. Las Vegas has springs so people used to stop there for water when they were going to Los Angeles or California.
In 1905, 110 acres owned by William A. Clark, on which he built a railroad to Southern California were auctioned and Las Vegas was founded as a railroad town.
Las Vegas, also known by a shorter name, Vegas, is notable for is liberal policies on activities such as prostitution and gambling. Gambling was made legal in the state of Nevada in 1931. In 1941, many hotels were built in Las Vegas with casinos in them. Las Vegas is sometimes called "Sin City" because so many people use the city for gambling and drinking alcohol, two common "sins".
People come to Las Vegas for vacation, many hotels have different themes and have shows and events to get people to come there. Because of this, Las Vegas is called "The Entertainment Capital of the World".
Las Vegas is also known for its many casinos, decorated with various bright colours. Some of these casinos include Circus Circus, a circus-themed casino, and The Venetian, an Italian-themed casino.

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