Best Hotels in Las Vegas

Best Hotels In Vegas

In 1997, the New York New York opened and led a new challenge in for others to keep up with them. Nobody did for almost eighteen months. You can tell the hotel by the 150 foot Statue of Liberty in front of it. You can also see a bit of the Manhattan skyline - The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. To top it off, it has a huge roller coaster built around it as well. Inside, you can enter the casino through the Brooklyn Bridge, and you will end up in Greenwich Village afterwards. The main casino and gambling areas are done up to look like Central Park.
Caesars Palace was opened in 1966. It was built to showcase Roman History. The Coliseum, the baths, the staff dressed in gladiator outfits all serve to remind us what this hotel is about. It has four towers of rooms that have wall to floor windows with the most breath-taking views you will ever find. The Forum Shops occupy three floors and has stores for every taste and interest. From a Houdini magic shop to FAO Schwarz's toy store, you can find a wide variety of shopping available.
The Venetian and its twin tower, Venezia, all have suite type rooms. Most have the bed area as well as a sunken living room complete with TV and a mini-fridge stocked with goodies. They boast six outdoor pools and most are heated even in the winter. The Grand Canal Shoppes on the second floor rank up there with Caesar's Forum Shoppes. Also, on the second floor as well as outside the hotel, you can ride in a gondola around the hotel. The second floor's ceiling is decorated to make you think you are outside on a warm spring day. It is a very relaxing place to walk and window shop.
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