List of tallest structures in the world

List of tallest structures in the world
This is a list of tallest structures in the world'", past and present of any type. Most of the structures are television broadcasting masts. There are also the taller tower-type structures (like the CN Tower) and the taller high rise buildings (like the Sears Tower).
The list also includes some other structures like oil platforms, electrical towers, bridge towers, etc. List is organized by absolute height since it includes many different classes of structures.
This list includes quite a few masts. A mast is a man-made support structure, commonly used on sailing ships as support for sails, or on land as radio masts and towers used to support telecommunication equipment such as radio antennas ("aerials" in the UK).
There is often ambiguity between the terms "tower" and "mast". A tower is a self-supporting or cantilevered structure, while a mast is held up by stays or guys. Both towers and masts have limited floor space and are non-building structures, as opposed to regular buildings which have greater floor space for occupancy. The terminology is further confused through misuse. Skyscrapers are often referred to as "towers" and some towers use the term "mast". Ironically, "skyscraper" has some etymology from references to high sailboat masts.
Notable structures between 300 and 350 m (984 and 1,148 ft).
For practical purposes to keep the list to a reasonable length this part of list contains only notable structures.
Structures taller than 350 m (1,148 ft) under construction.
This is an "incomplete" list of structures taller tha|N|1,148 feet (350 m) under construction. Please correct (by adding further one or by putting completed structures in the upper table, if current height is over 1,148 feet (350 m)).

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