Architectural Area Lighting

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Architectural Area Lighting

A pioneer in generating high-grade fixtures for illuminations, Architectural Area Lighting (AAL) has been in the business for more than three decades now. Little to the knowledge of the consumers, it is the subsidiary of Hubbell Company who is notable in selling the same kind of items in the market today. In all its years of operation, AAL has expanded its line of products. It now offers a wide selection of bollards, incandescent, fluorescent, sconces and lamps, to name a few.

Recognized for artistic design and visual performance, each piece purchased from Architectural Area Lighting (AAL) is scaled in numerous sizes. Made from various materials, customers can really be assured that they are buying only the finest. All of AAL's fixtures for illuminations are completed in the corporation's headquarters at La Mirada, California. Occupying a 90, 000 square foot land, the said facility has a full range of assembly capabilities and fabrication procedures.

Items from Architectural Area Lighting (AAL) cater to diverse sectors be it residential, commercial or retail. Intended for outdoor use, AAL products are versatile as it can also be applied for the interiors. The most common models purchased are with elements of copper or steel so it perfectly blends with any details of a structure. Fixtures for illuminations from AAL are categorized in period and contemporary.

Period is composed of Providence, Towne Commons, Promenade and Arts & Crafts.

Providence utilizes excellent sources from lamp with an option for electronic ballast. Fashioned to last longer, Providence also corrects the color that it exhibits.
Towne Commons reduces pollution from radiance. It may sound cryptic but unnoticeably, beams affect the surroundings. Built with an advanced technology, Towne Commons is ideal for aisles, paths, pedestrians and streets.
Promenade specifies a more conventional feel. Dwelling on optical presentation, Promenade results in a smooth and suave radiance of the entire setting.
Arts & Crafts mirrors the flair of the period where the livelihood of an entire village was into sculpting and painting. Includes a refractor technique, Arts & Crafts can be seen in two patterns, symmetric and asymmetric.

Contemporary is divided into Flex, Spectra, Mitre and Largent.

Flex is the newest in town. When you receive the monthly electrical bill, you will be surprised that there has been a huge disparity from the previous. Thanks to Flex, who functions in cost- efficiency.
Largent is geometric in pattern. If you are planning to have some glow in your backyard in preparation for that upcoming dinner party, Largent will take care of all your needs.

There are still a lot in stored from Architectural Area Lighting (AAL). To see more of its offerings, log on to You can also keep in touch through their landline number at 714-994-2700.
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