Focal Point Lighting

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Focal Point Lighting

Established for more than a decade now, Focal Point Lighting was founded by Peter Thornton. At this juncture, it is now being managed by his entire family. For over thirty years of experience in running a business called Fail Safe Lighting, Peter Thornton was able to hand down his expertise to his immediate blood circle. Today, the company is domiciled in the downtown area of Chicago.

Even when Focal Point Lightning started late as compared to its other competitors such as the likes of Westinghouse and Hubbell, its initial years in the industry were very successful. The company quickly climbed up the ladder of fame as it was able to put up in the market a number of exclusive products. It even caught the attention of architects, contractors and designers which resulted to greater revenues as the corporation gained more consumers.

Focal Point Lightning caters to diverse kinds of industries such as commercial, residential, educational and retail, among the others. It also offers a range of fixtures for illumination that is made possible by the equipments present in its facility. With the presence of a computer- controlled machine called the Salvagnini SA/ PA, it permits the generation of quality sheet metal parts. Not only does it create a precise result, the speed is also twice as the traditional punch presses.

The company made sure that in order to construct the highest grade of pieces, it accomplished significant investments in distribution, equipment and space. Focal Point Lighting also has easy access to materials that do not cost much. The aftermath then is that it has been able to supply items that are not a burden on the pockets of its customers without even sacrificing the mark of excellence.

As what was mentioned earlier, Focal Point Lighting has a huge array of products under its line. The likes of recessed, linear, pendant, sconce, perimeter and medical, are just among the others. For example, recessed has models dubbed as Apollo, Avenue, Birdie, Infinite, Luna, Sky and Vision. Linear has a gallery of Evolution, Metro, Twelve and Verve. Pendant has labels of Fusion and Groove.

The latest that the company offers are Infinite, Avenue and Twelve. Infinite is a recessed fluorescent with a luminaire technology that acquires the notion of thin holes to inestimable lengths. Avenue can be identified as Flush Mount with an adjustment of 35 degrees or an Extended Yoke with an adjustment of 90 degrees. Twelve is a linear patterned acrylic that exhibits a 5% indirect and 95% direct radiance. For more of the corporation, log on to
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