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Liposuction Average Cost - Paying More or Less?

Liposuction average cost consists of all payments made for the surgery and the non-surgery procedures included in the liposuction process. This is considered by all medical practitioners as a 'global fee' and remains absolute in all liposuction sites located in no matter which city in the United States. Patients must note however that this global fee is the liposuction average cost paid for operations done in the surgeon's office or other out-patient facilities. The patient must then expect that if he undergoes an extensive liposuction in the hospital, the cost to pay will be practically higher.

The non-surgical fee percentage of the liposuction average cost includes the services of the anesthesiologist which may also vary depending on the anesthetic used in the procedure. The non-surgical fee also includes the cost of the operating room, the services of the nursing staff and interns, the pre-operative laboratory tests and consultation with the surgeon, and the post-operative care services and maintaining materials with the costs for the patient's compression bind, as well as added medication prescriptions like antibiotics, Tylenol, and other drugs necessary should complications from the surgery arise. The surgical fee portion of the liposuction average cost on the other hand includes the estimate of the services that will be employed in treating particular sections of the patient's body during the liposuction. The usual total liposuction surgical cost ranges from $ 2000 USD to $ 3000 USD per patient's body area to be suctioned out. If the patient is undergoing a multiple liposuction for several parts of his body, the complete amount will be the sum total of the unanimous rate for each body part. For example, if a prospective patient wants to have her buttocks, hips, and outer thighs liposuctioned all together, she would have to add up $ 1800 USD for her buttocks, $ 2400 USD for her hips, and $ 3000 USD for her outer thighs. The sum total would then be $ 7200 USD, and this is just the full amount of the surgical fee part of the liposuction average cost. The patient also needs to estimate the cost of all the non-surgical fees and then add it together with the$ 7200 USD surgical costs to compute for the entire liposuction average cost. Hence, if the total non-surgical cost to be paid is $ 1600 USD, the total liposuction average cost will be a stunning $ 8800 US dollars.

Hence, when inquiring about the costs of liposuction, patients must clarify with their health providers whether they are discussing about the surgical fee, the non-surgical fee, and/or the total liposuction average cost.
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