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London letting agency

Letting an apartment in London is one important aspect as to how the city is able to house millions of visitors each year. London belongs to the top ten most visited cities in the world and has consistently held its rank. Considering that, you can expect thousands of apartments that are up for letting, and definitely competition is going to be tough. Like selling, letting your property would also need the assistance of a London letting agency to assist you in the integral aspects that would accompany the endeavor.

Landlords need to shoulder legal obligations purported to protect the tenants, and which may be specified by any London letting agency. As such, the following are mandated by law:

Gas Safety Certificate
In a 1994 law, landlords need to acquire a gas safety certificate, which is issued by a C.O.R.G.I. registered gas filter, and needs checking every 12 months to renew the certificate. This regulation covers all gas supplies, and the tenants are given the right to read the result of the inspection.

Safety on Electrical Appliances
Also enacted in 1994, landlords are obligated to have electrical supplies running to electrical appliances checked annually to ensure safety of the tenants. Booklets and manuals of such electrical units like cookers, toasters, kettles, microwaves, electrical blankets, immersion heaters, washing machines, electrical heaters, fridges and freezers, irons, fan heater, extractor fans, etc., must be made available to the tenants at all times. Any London letting agency would need these papers as well.

Furnishings and pieces of furniture must be made of fire-resistant materials. Mattresses and bed basis must bear the label "BS 7177". In addition, smoke alarms must be installed on every floor in accordance with the buildings regulations of 1991. If you're traveling outside the country, a London letting agency can help handle your tenancy. Otherwise, inform your tenants of their tax obligations to the Inland Revenue.

London letting agency
John D. Wood may be reached on 020 7586 9882 with email address; Chard located in South Kensington can be contacted on 020 7244 7711 or the email address; the London Letting Agency ( is an independent letting agency that provides assistance to tenants and landlords alike, and services rendered include property valuations at no cost or obligation. They have offices in Bermondsey (phone: 020 7232 1999), Greenwich (phone: 0208 691 4007), and Rotherhithe (phone: 020 7064 9300).
There are various other online sites that feature a London letting agency near your place. To avoid the hassles when letting your property, a London letting agency can best assist and guide you to get the highest value of your property.
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