Mario (Nintendo)

Mario (Nintendo)
Mario is a game character. He is one of the most famous video game characters in history. He has been Nintendo's mascot since the 1980s. In his first video game appearance, he was named "Jumpman". Mario is usually seen wearing a blue shirt, brown shoes, red overalls and a hat. He is short and has a huge nose and mustache. His brother is named Luigi. In most games, Mario can jump high, and his job is to save the Mushroom Kingdom and its princess, Princess Peach Toadstool. His enemy is Bowser.
Super Mario Bros. popularity.
The first Super Mario Bros. sold about 40 million copies. It is the best selling game. It was the game that made Mario famous.
Television series.
The Super Mario Brothers Super Show was released in 1989. Each episode was 20 minutes, and were split into two parts: the first half starred Lou Albano and Danny Wells as Mario and Luigi in real-life segments, and the second half was one of 52 episodes of the animated Super Mario Bros. or one of 13 episodes of The Legend of Zelda.
In 1990, there was a 26-episode cartoon called The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 which ran on NBC. And in 1991 there was the 13-episode Super Mario World, so far being Mario's last TV show. In 1994, both Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World were aired as "Mario All-Stars" on The Family Channel.
Mario was one of the first game characters to have his games turned into a TV show.
There was a movie in Japan called Super Mario Bros!: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! (translation: "Super Mario Bros!: Mission to save Princess Peach") but never came out anywhere else. Mario's first appearance in American movie theaters was in the 1990's film The Wizard, and his only role was the star of Super Mario Bros. 3, which wasn't out yet. It is found in the finals of a video game competition in which the main character must win. Because the title was not out yet, the game received a lot of attention due to the film. Nintendo didn't pay Universal Studios, but still received royalties for the games seen in the film.
A Mario movie came out in 1993 called Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, starring Bob Hoskins. It did not make much money for Nintendo and is considered a bad movie because of the bad job of making it feel like Mario.
The movies and some of the cartoons are now available on VHS and DVD.

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