How to Give a Massage

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How to Give a Massage

Touch is a very special ability given to us. It is a genius gift that it has the power to heal all wounds, be it physically, emotionally or spiritually. Whether it's a pat on the back, or a hug, touch gives us the chance to feel good without cost. The bad news is, touch has long been hidden and ignored. People don't even recognize the fact that they have that special gift. So rather than using their hands to make other people feel better, they tend to ignore what their hands are trying to communicate. But that habit of yours can change. How? There is still a chance for you to know new ways to benefit from touch and one of the best positive ways is by learning how to give a massage.

Now, how to give a massage?

Before anything else, it is best to know that touch and massage is a form of communication all on its own. Massage is delivered through touch, and they both have the power to communication in a variety of feelings that words are not capable of giving. Yes, massage can make the people's feelings better and much to that, a simple touch can convey a feeling of love, support, care, trust, or healing.

To begin on learning how to give a massage, try to know first on how to properly set the mood for an ultimate massage experience. Well, it's so simple. Consider a hot bath or shower to start with the relaxation process. Then, add a wonderful scent and relaxing mood to the room. Lighting aromatherapy candles is a good choice.

Consider the surface area of your partner and your own space. Make sure that each of you feels comfortable not only with the atmosphere you've set, but also with the area you are into. Also, make sure that your partner has no shirt or even naked, but make him or her comfortable in doing so.

Learning how to give a massage also requires knowledge on how to properly apply lubricants to the receiver. Well, start applying your touch by placing a small amount of lubricant in your hands and gently rub it on the back of your partner. You can also do the rub starting on the shoulders and the lower neck. One thing to note here is never to get everything too wet. So in case you are using oil or water-based lubricants, make sure that you warm them up in your hands prior to the application.

If you're done, then progress with the massage strokes. How to give a massage stroke? Well, there are varieties of massage strokes. So know them first, including their effects before learning how to give a massage in actual. However, you can start with the fan stroke, which is usually characterized as a gentle move that prepares the muscles for a deeper massage. Also, consider the so-called 'circling hands move', which but another relaxing and pleasant move that is not designed to apply much pressure on the body. It's worth learning how to give a massage with this stroke as this feels good with the point of pressure keeps on changing subtly during the motion.

After learning how to give a massage with those basic strokes, proceed with the more advanced techniques, such as kneading and milking. Once done, consider the most basic, which is using your fingertips to relax the muscles and increase the blood flow. This technique is commonly known as raking. After raking the body parts, rest your hands and stay motionless until you or your partner speaks, allowing the spell to break.

That's basically how to give a massage.
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