Heated Mattress Pad

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Heated Mattress Pad

Tropical countries such as those in South East Asia who have never experienced the season of winter will always be looking for airconditioner sets to keep them cold at night. However, for those that are located in the west coast, such as in the United Kingdom and United States, a heated mattress pad will always be selling like hotcakes for them. It is actually another alternative to keep them all warm in the chilly evening. At ComfortHouse.com, there are a lot available from trusted brands such as Simmons, Perfect Fit and Sunbeam. It will give a you a extra relaxing slumber without sacrificing toasty comfort.

Simmons is among the manufacturers of a heated mattress pad where their products are one of the most elegant of its kind in the bed industry. With the finest grade of cotton blend, its edges have twill bindings that are beautifully coordinated. It is also patented with a Safety Watch microprocessor that performs about 120 checks every second. It has a ten- hour automatic off and will silently operate so all that can be lucidly heard is the snore of the person right beside you. If you choose the king and queen sizes, there are dual controls available for the settings to complement with your taste. As for the cleaning procedures, it can be machine washed then tumbled dry on minimal heat for about five minutes.

Perfect Fit is among the manufacturers of a heated mattress pad where one of their creations meet with the UL standard for a current that will not put somebody into jeopardy. It has the Safe and Warm technology that is one of the most secured items in the bed industry functioning in less than 25 volts. This includes a power supply box that alters 120 AC power, normal in the households of North America, into DC such as those used in batteries which assures that you will never be electrocuted. It is also very soft and cozy so it will in no manner be a disturbance when you are already dozing off. The microfleece is lightweight that runs from head to toe where the thin wire that it consist, is hardly visible. It is very attractive that you would want to use it for 365 days or year-round.

Sunbeam is among the manufacturers for heated mattress pad where their products are identified to be smart since it can automatically adjust to your body as well as with the room temperature. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Camelot Dreams collection which is the most advanced in their line. It is among the pioneers who have a box pattern however, it is entirely different from what is normally seen at retail stores. It has a solid state digital control for silent, minus clicking, operation. It also consists of an interchangeable plate that you can match with the decoration of your space.
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