Magnetic Mattress Pad

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Magnetic Mattress Pad

Yes, you have your own space at home where you can call it your 'personal abode' but then you simply cannot sleep really well at night. In fact, your space is off limits to some little rascals roaming around because you cannot stand their mischief especially when you arrive so exhausted from the pressures encountered that day. When the sun sets, you are just eager to lie on top of your bed but then it is not answer for relief. All the more you get so stressed and strained. You think, what could be the best solution? Just then you see an advertisement on television that says, 'Magnetic Mattress Pad Spells Comfort.' 'This is news for mom,' you said with utter excitement.

At Doctors Health Supply, they supply a magnetic mattress pad which is not only an essential furniture at home but most importantly, it has therapeutic claims. It can actually boost your energy as you wake up first thing in the morning and it can even minimize the pain in the chest, leg, foot, knee, neck and back. Radiating an extra soothe slumber, it will aid in circulation as well as the increase of oxygen in the bloodstream. The high- strength polarized irons are all situated to face north which towards the body.

Manufacturing quality items, the magnetic mattress pad from Doctors Health Supply all come from the United States which are sold at affordable prices in order to really cater to those that are badly needing one but are on a very tight budget. They have the premium foam cushions that utilizes a high- grade Damask fabric that is of plush fabric where it is beautifully designed with silver leaves. With polyester fiber padding of .75 ounces per square foot, it has an addition more than three inches of convoluted spume. The padding has also been improved in order to make the mask feel the density of the polarized irons. Non- skid support has also been placed further that offers the Deluxe Series.

The magnetic mattress pad have up to 80% of powerful 3, 950 gauss ceramic polarized irons as compared to other versions sold in the market today. Their electrical engineer designed it in a manner that the attracting fields of the polarized iron will overlap and the sheet is composed singularly. With such, the entire body is covered resulting to a holistic treatment and not just some parts are included. Constructed that it will not go beyond the edge, the polyester fiber is woven to the textile is structural grade. The polarized irons are also fastened utilizing the hot melt process where there is simply no chemical odor, no trace of it can be spotted. Nestled carefully in the valleys of the convoluted finger cushion, it incorporates about two inches of superior sheets.
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