Mattress With Box Springs

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Mattresses With Box Springs

For more than 70 years of experience in the bedding industry, Serta produces one of the finest mattresses with box springs. It has continued to represent the best when it comes to design, technology, function and materials. One of the most popular is 'Perfect Sleeper' which is known to be America's favorite. Their commitment for quality and service has certainly paid off as they sell more compared to other premium brands. In ten years time, they have been among the fastest growing manufacturers in North America. Aside from catering to residential clients, they can also be spotted in commercial spots such as Hilton Hotels, Quality Inns and Wyndham Hotels.

Whichever you are comfortable, be it a firm support or soft plush, Serta has a wide collection of mattresses with box springs. They are made to totally give you that ultimate moonlight slumber especially when you have just have a very exhausting day and you are craving to retire with ease. They have also teamed up with A- list fashion couturier Vera Wang for the accessories such as the blankets and cases. Their top line of 'Perfect Day' will also be giving great support conducive for those who are suffering back ache, stiff neck or num arm upon waking up in the morning. Remember that how you relaxed will definitely matter on what will be your response on the surprises the following.

Serta also has a new technology applied to its mattresses with box springs called 'Fire Blocker'. This is to ensure the safety of all the Americans in each region that surpasses all the flammability standards in the Federal and State. When talking about fumes, the tremendous heat made in a home can actually kill. In just a matter of minutes, the temperature can get to humid that it will lead to the entire space exploding into flames. Sounds really dangerous that is why the company decided to put a solution into the matter. Called as 'flashover', it can happen so fast that both the cushion and bedding will burn all together. With the novel feature, it will eliminate any of those to take place and gives every family more time elude for security.

Operating the most advanced manufacturing plants in the United States, Serta has never ceased to invest in upgrading their systems. There lies the success of their items such as those mattresses with box springs. The money they have poured in has transformed into one of the highest consumer satisfaction rates. Ever since 1990, the capacities of their factories have increased to more than a 300%. Seven years after, they expanded by opening 16 more. If the equipments are not upgraded, it is understood that it is entirely new. Presently, they occupy more than three million square feet of area in America alone.
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